contents of study packet

To my brothers and sisters in Christ

The contents of this study packet, includes four items.

  1. This cover letter.
  2. An overview DVD, with nine videos, including:
    1. An introduction, to good bible study habits and practices.
    2. An overview, of each of the eight passages of Scripture, about the “Apostasy”
    3. A printed version of the Overview:
  3. This is for people who are not able to play the movie.
  4. It includes everything that is on the DVD.
  5. A Verse by Verse Study Guide, about the “Apostasy”

Recommendations for using the Overview DVD, or Overview Booklet:

  1. Before using the Study Guide, if you are able, please watch the DVD with a friend
  2. If you cannot watch the DVD, try to find a friend to read the Overview booklet with you.
  3. For best results, read everything out loud.

Recommendations for using the Study Guide:

  • To get the best results when using the Study Guide, it will help to go through the studies with a friend.

The study guide is in a simple format. It contains:

  1. The Topic being studied.
  2. An index of the eight passages of Scripture, with their key verse and their page number in the Study Guide.
  3. Each passage of Scripture includes:
  4. The Title of the Study Topic.
  5. The Scripture reference with the key verse for the entire passage.
  6. A for each part of the passage.
  7. Questions followed by the verse number.

Why Read Out Loud

  • Take turns reading the questions out loud, and then answer from the verse.
  • When reading out loud, you are using both your ears, and eyes.This greatly increases your ability to comprehend and remember

Ephesians 6:23-23
Peace be to the brothers, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Jesus

Dave Alloway